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Warning: To have greatest success with fractions, knowledge of Terrific Tables is really important, as fractions are so closely related to division and multiplication. If you feel your recall could be better, there are lots of ideas on my website for you to use. I have added buttons below to help you find them more quickly.

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

fraction:  a part of a whole or part of a group which has been split into equal parts or equal groups (See how it links to division?)

It might be really useful to make sure we understand the concept of fractions before we calculate with them. Good job that has this great tool to help us. In Fraction Finder, you can match the shape to the fraction needed by changing the numerator and denominator. Next, you can even divide the group up equally into the parts. It's soooooooo useful!

My Youtube videos below demonstrate how to understand calculating with fractions. Hope you enjoy them and watch them as many times as you need until you become really confident that you fully understand them!

Of course, you as a great mathematician already know that sometimes using mental methods can be the best strategy and sometimes using formal methods is the best method. Don't always use the same approach - use the best approach!

TdM, creator and star of Maths with a Mouse

Adding fractions with the same denominator

Adding fractions with different denominators

Wait! Wait! Wait!

To add fractions with different denominators, we need common denominators.

To use common denominators, I must understand equivalent fractions and common section of the website needed.

If you already understand equivalent fractions and common multiples, ignore the button below OR press it now! Go on... (in style of enthusiastic audience on a TV show) Press the button! Press the button! Press the button!

It's time to splat some fruit! This is a great activity to develop your ability to add fractions. You can easily select the level of challenge that suits you but I would advise that you choose slow fruit in Fruit Splat the first time you play otherwise it might make your head a bit dizzy!

Sometimes maths activities become boring when all the questions are the same. In this game, that problem does not exist with Max and Milo.

The layout can be confusing but only because Max and Milo need the diagrams to have the correct number of sections before calculations are allowed! I'm confusing myself...hopefully, when you play the game, this will all make sense!

If it still does not make sense, the teachers guide will certainly help you, especially when you simply do not know how to put your answer into the game

Ready for different denominators.  Max and Milo are back with new challenges! They still want the diagrams to be sorted before calculating; this time, they need common denominators - see the images below. Have fun!

Once again - if you need it - the teacher's guide is really useful! I have added it below.

Subtracting mixed numbers using constant difference

Multiplying fractions by integers

To understand this even better, use this great tool below, which has an amazing magical slidey bar!

It even simplifies the fractions and shows the conversion from improper fraction to mixed number. What a truly magical slidey bar. Thanks,

Multiplying pairs of fractions

If you would like to understand this even better or simply want to play with a great slidey bar, click on the link below from I really wish that I knew about this a long time ago - it is so, so good. 

Dividing fractions by an integer (Level 1)

Dividing fractions by an integer (Level 2)

An alternative approach...

Only have time for one fraction activity? SatisFraction has it covered. I really like the matching activities but I also like comparing, ordering, adding, problem-solving...I think I love every aspect of maths.I'm pretty sure that the creator of this resource, Greg Tang, does too!