What time is it? It's Brie-Anna Time!

What time is that? Time to eat some more marshmallows!

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Time

Activity time

Being able to read train timetables is a pretty useful skill otherwise you might be late or, worse still, on a train that doesn’t even stop where you need to get off. 

In this activity, you can practise the skill without worrying about how you are going to get home if you make a mistake!

When I first played Find the Start Time, I  realised that it was a little more difficult than I had first expected, especially as I chose the hardest level of challenge. Make sure you find time to play this activity to refine your problem solving involving. time. 

Find calendars confusing? Try Calendar Clowns from mrnussbaum.com to practise some of the skills that you might need.

Extra challenge: How long can you cope with the clown's music? I didn't last very long!

The best feature about Time Games: Using a Calendar from Mathsframe (again) is that it has 3 great and different levels of challenge ranging from simply extracting information to solving increasingly complex problems. No excuse for missing my birthday this year unless you don't know when it is...and I'm not sharing that personal detail online with everyone!


Maths Mansion: Doing Time

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