Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Measures

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

mass: the amount of matter (stuff) that makes up an object. 

Just like me, you have mass, and occupy space. Do you know what that means? You matter. Ha! Ha! I love mathematical, scientific jokes!

length: how long an object is 

distance:  how far it is between two different points

Capacity: the total amount an object can hold. This is often linked to liquids.

It can also relate to other objects. For example, the capacity of my stomach is large enough for 60 marshmallows!

Activity time

I love knocking things over especially if I also get to throw too! That's why I love Coconut Ordering. To make this the most useful activity for demonstrating your knowledge of units of measurement, choose the options that have mixed units of measurement - usually the last option in each category. See ya later, Coconuts!

If you sometimes find reading scales tricky, Mostly Postie is a great activity to develop the skill. You can choose different options so you can practise reading a range of scales. Get it right and off it goes in the van. I wonder if Pat is driving? FYI...I do not like his black and white cat! 

Capacity Countdown provides another great opportunity to practise reading scales. Better still, you can choose a level of challenge to suit your understanding. Blast-off!

One of the most important skills when using measures is recognising what a sensible estimate might be. The second is using the correct units of measurement. Thanks to Nrich and this great task - All in a Jumble - we can practise both these skills at the same time!

Mr Nussbuam, your ingredients certainly will make Horrendous Soup, but if the metric conversions are used correctly, the recipe will at least be correct.

At last - a game that has marshmallows. In Hot Chocolate Shop, the customers will leave ratings so make sure they can 5-star service - the best cup size, correct amount of hot chocolate and then - best of all - the correct number of marshmallows (be sure to adjust the number of marshmallows before adding them).

Oh no...we've run out of activities. Don't worry, there are plenty of other places to find great games and challenges. Hit the button below for more fun!