Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Algebra

Definitions from a mathematical mouse
Algebra:  a section of maths that uses letters and symbols to replace numbers. 

Wait a minute....we have been doing this for ages. In fact, I think I have been using symbols in algebra since I was a little mousling!

In the images above, you can see that I have even been used in algebra! 

If you have ever worked backworks, you have been using an algebraic skill. You clever mousematician! To solve these problems, I have some great tips below and even show you how to clearer record your method.

Did you know that Spot the Difference can be a great problem solving skill!

Ready for more. Let's try Spot the Difference: Level 2

If there are two differences, is it possible to make it have only one difference? it is like a Level 1 question!

Activity time

I love solving Think of a Number puzzles as all I have to do is work backwards using the inverse operations. It makes me feel like a cleverclogs! 

 Maths and a sweet shop – I must be dreaming! Algebraic Reasoning at the Sweet Shop is a perfect opportunity to use your spot the difference skills. Although I love this activity, I was a little concerned as I couldn’t see any marshmallows in the sweet shop!

Algebra involves following rules and functions. In this great activity, Function Machine, you can do just, applying a range of mental maths skills.

Perhaps this skill is still confusing you a bit. Never fear, this game is here! Mathsframe's activity -  Thinking of a Number - breaks down the steps really clearly and guides you though the process. Very soon, you'll  be feeling more confident than ever! 

Calculating missing lengths is really useful in many aspects of maths. I also like solving them as puzzles, which I find lots of fun!

People are  often scared of equations and it is just because they look a little different. Hopefully you are not scared of me even though I look a little different to other mice - I am blue after all!

In this activity, don’t worry if you don't get through many levels; you are just not ready for those...YET!

Simultaneous Grids allows you to develop a range of strategies for solving simultaneous equations. In these puzzles, you can use spot the difference, guessing and checking or, if you solve one part, substitute into the other equations the known value. With practise, practise, practise, you will soon be increasing your own the level of challenge.

Bonus feature: Christmas symbols (available throughout the year) 

I am not entirely sure what is funny about vegetables and fruit (remember the tomato is a fruit - it has seeds). Nevermind, this is a fun puzzle task but look out for operation symbols - they are rather important in maths and Funny Math Challenge!

Time to put those algebraic skills to use to Weigh the Wangdoodles!  If you find this a bit tricky, there is a helpful guide, which suggests one method of solving the problems, although there are lots of other skills that can be used too.

SolveMe Mobiles, created by EDC, is a superb resource for learning how to solve algebraic problems. In a real-life hanging mobile, separate sides only balance if they are equal. We can use this understanding to help solve the increasingly challenging puzzles. 

Tele Time!

Kick Sum Maths: X is the Thought

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