Learning multiplication facts can be tricky - there seems to be so much to remember. One really useful approach is skip counting (e.g. 12, 15, 18...) but it is even more memorable and greater fun if it is in a simple song. I hope you enjoy practising with my videos and listening to my wonderful singing as well! 

Once you know the multiples, learning the multiplication and division facts can be much easier! For more great ideas about how to learn these facts, check out my KIRFs, which have further activities, games and top tips! Also, try out the great games in the Year 4 MTC Preparation Fun section (the fun is not only for Year 4).

TdM, creator and star of Maths with a Mouse

Terrific Tables Tunes - multiples of 3

Terrific Tables Tunes - multiples of 4 

Terrific Tables Tunes - multiples of 8

Terrific Tables Tunes - multiples of 6

Terrific Tables Tunes - multiples of 7

I wish I had 10 fingers. If I did, I would use them when singing the Terrific Tables songs to count the first 10 multiples of that number. Sadly, I only have 8 fingers! Thanks for this great tool, ictgames.com

Feeling confident? Time for a MegaMix!

I love squirrels so I love how Nutty Numbers allows you to practise your skip counting skills. Select the tables you want to improve and then collect the nuts. If going forwards is too easy, choose to go backwards. Have fun gathering your squirrel's nuts!

Take that Coconuts!  I love Coconut Multiples. Be sure to choose the best options for you to check to see how well you recognise the multiples. See ya later, Coconuts!

Understanding how addition and multiplication link together can sometime be tricky to understand but with this great tool from visnos.com, you will be able to see the relationship more easily. This tool has lots of variations to help mousematicians gain deeper understanding.

If you are still getting used to singing the Terrific Tables songs, choose easy mode in Spuq Balloons and focus on one of the tables you are learning. Next, it will be time  to pop the multiples in order, just like they appear in my great songs. Happy popping!

Dash form roomrecess.com has just become one of my favourite games to use to practise skip counting. When I play it, I feel like a real superhero, especially when I hear the zooming sound. To get better at skip counting, use the Practice mode before taking on the levels in the game.

Space Pets is another great game from roomrecess.com with cute little alien pets who need to be placed in their cute little spaceships. I would suggest counting up to 10 lots of the number and then choosing another option from the menu. Ahhh...those space pets are so cute, just like me!

If you have mastered counting in multiples but find you have to keep starting at zero, Duck Shoot is the game for you...and you get to shoots ducks! Count of from the first duck to find the target to shoot! What is great about this game is that you can choose the tables you want to practise.

No Ducks were hurt in the playing of this game! 

This game is totally quackers! Thanks, ictgames.com

Ready to learn even more? Play more games? All you need is these buttons below! 

Multiply by Mathigon is a wonderful resource to help develop great understanding of multiplication facts. One of the most useful aspects is that it always gives images,  which helps mousematicians to really understand. Not only is it great, it is also completely free! Oh yeah!

If you made it to the bottom of this page, you must be an expert at skip counting but can you recognise the multiples when they are not in order? I hope so if you are to make it to the of these Multiplication Mazes from digipuzzle.net