Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Algebra

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

perimeter: how spicy a shape is! Only is the distance around the entire exterior of a polygon(outside of a 2D shape). 

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

area: the amount of space inside a 2D shape. This is measured in squares. 

Area of a triangle

Some people think that to find the area of a triangle it is half of a rectangle. This is only sometimes true - that only works for right-angled triangles as they are half of a rectangle.

What always works is:

area of a triangle = 1/2 x height x base


Finding missing lengths is often really important in problem-solving relating to area and perimeter so let's practise that key skill in the superbly named Missing Lengths from Transum!

Area Builder, although it is not entirely a game, is a wonderful activity which allows you to investigate both area and perimeter. 

Mastered Area Snatch Jr? Click on Area Snatch Pro below.

Finding Area Snatch Pro a bit tricky? Click on Area Snatch Jr above.

Mastered Perimeter Snatch Jr? Click on Perimeter Snatch Pro below.

Finding Perimeter Snatch Pro a bit tricky? Click on Perimeter Snatch Jr above.

Strangely, for a game called Area Blocks, this activity combines perimeter and area but do not fear, I have a top tip for you. 

TOP TIP: If you are given the perimeter of a rectangle, halve it and you now have the total of the length and width. Can you then find two numbers that can be added that make that total but also could be multiplied to get the target area? If you can, you can now try to add that shape to the grid. 

In any zoo, the animals need to have safe spaces and in Zoo Designer you can help make their enclosures be just the right size. Make sure you notice whether the target is area or perimeter if you want to create the perfect enclosure. 

Area Maze is a great activity which allows you to solve increasingly challenging puzzles - you will need to use your understanding of area, missing lengths and even factors of numbers to be successful, especially as the level of challenge increases.


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