I don't really need money as my friends get me all the marshmallows I ever need! Also, I can't carry cash because I have nowhere to put it - I have no pockets!

TdM, creator and former star of Maths with a Mouse

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Money

If paying with cash, it is pretty important to know what change to expect.


If you need a little practice with money, and in particular, with calculating change, you have two options:

Perhaps you would rather use imaginary money in a toy shop. Perhaps you would like to buy toys with unusual prices! If so, enjoy Toy Shop Money Game from Topmarks.
Oh...I just noticed the bank note with Queen Elizabeth II - I miss her and my friends, the corgis, do too! 

Who wants to be the Money Master? Sounds like a great villian for superheroes to battle. Sadly, it isn't but it is a great activity with lots of different options that you can become an expert with coins but not a superhero!

Iif you truly are a money master, it’s time to put your expertise into action by solving some problems. This great activity from Mathsframe will need you to combine your problem-solving skills and mental maths techniques.

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