One of the most exciting aspects of maths is the amazing games that can be played using your knowledge and skills. I have played a lot of different games and here are many of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

TdM Brie-Anna de Mouse, creator and star of Maths with a Mouse

Enjoy this great collection of games which will develop and challenge your  thinking involving multiplication and division facts; they have all been chosen by yours truly so you know they will be fun!

To play Flabbergasted, you need to understand both factors and multiples, but to play it really well - like me - you need to think many steps ahead and aim to predict your opponent's moves. Good luck!

Check out my Game Time Review to learn more about Flabbergasted!

This type of puzzle game is all the rage these days. Equatero can be a little confusing at first, trying to fully understand the rules, but with Transum offering a range of levels, you can match it to your level of confidence. 

Have you ever played the classic game Tetris? Factris combines the challenge of Tetris with rapid recall of factors of numbers.

Warning: This is highly addictive especially when you learn that the more rows completed simultaneously, the higher the rewards! I love taking the risk especially when it pays off!

I love Factris. Watch me play in this Game Time Review and I can give you a few great tips to help you get better and better!

Numberhive is a highly addictive game and you can even play against your friends if hosting your own game. I won't explain it here; their explanation is much better than mine would be. One tip from me would be, however, to play in portrait mode if you want to see it most clearly.  

How did I not know about Kakooma? When I eventually discovered it, I instantly knew that it deserved its place on Game Time! Why? Play it and find out for yourself. Make sure you use the Practice section if you want to understand and then when playing,  watch out for the operation changing between multiplication and addition; the first time this happened, I didn't notice - I was being a stinky potato! Greg Tang, thank-you for Kakooma!

Tables Tennis from is a great 2-player game played on on tablet. Turn on the fast return and force your opponent to have less time. Challenge an adult and have fun beating them time and time again!

Boom Blocks from Just play it!

In the words of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Boom! shake, shake, shake the room

Boom! shake, shake, shake the room

Boom! shake, shake, shake the room

Tic, tic, tic, tic, boom!

I have been searching this for quite some time and was over-the-moon when I finally found the digital version of Block It! Best played in the two-player version (although I have also added the link for the one-player game), the aim of the game is to get four-in-a row. Seems simple but...

If you are asked 6 x 4, you can choose any of the squares with 24 in it. That includes:

6 x 4 or 4 x 6 or 3 x 8 or 8 x 3 or 12 x 2 or 2 x 12

Also, if you are lucky enough to roll a one, you can choose any number for that dice - it is a WILD ROLL! Even better, if you roll two ones, both dices are WILD!

Choose wisely to win or to block your opponent to stop them winning!

Although Add Em Up from is only a demo version, there is more than enough fun and challemge. i particularly enjoy using classic mode as it gives me more thinking time. 

Mousechester United! For some reason, I  couldn't  find them in the list of teams, so I chose the closest possible match! The team I chose was the best Match of the Day!

Premier League Primary Stars have created fun animations for this game, and although at first, it might seem too easy, it gets trickier after just a few questions, especially if you have chosen the right level of challenge.

Dump-a-Dice is a great 2-player game which involves making good choices, using your knowledge of primes and square numbers.

When I played Professor X and the Factor Bots for the first time, I was a bit confused but I loved the puzzles and that's why it made it onto my Game Time! page - it has to be a great game to make it here!

Maths isn't all about numbers: patterns and shapes are just as interesting and important. Quadra is a great puzzle game that proves that very point!

f you have not yet discovered the joy of Sudoku puzzles, now is as good a time as any. In Sudoku Kids, you can learn the basics first and then become a master using your great thinking skillls and quite a bit of practise too!

Guardians: Defenders of Mathimatica from BBC Bitesize has everything! Great characters - yes! Quests - yes! Weapons - yes! A map -oh yes! Dramatic music - yes, yes, yes! It even has lots of different topics to challenge you. This is a perfect game for anyone approaching Satsy McSatsface!

Need another quest? Divided Islands needs your help. Also created by the BBC Bitesize (creators of Guardians: Defenders of Mathimatica, this offers lots of different content either in story mode - my favourite - on in quickplay. If you use the same device, it will even track your progress.

Reversi from Friv4Schools can be a great game when you work out the best strategies. Of course, it also can go very wrong, very quickly. All you need to do it turn your opponents counters over by placing your counters either end of them in a row. The major problem is that they are doing the same to you! Better keep a few steps ahead of your opponent!