Factor Bugs are a great way of ensuring that factors are found in pairs, which are then indicated by a pair of legs (see diagram above).

If the number is a square number, it will have an odd number of factors, therefore the square root, which is a factor, can be drawn as a tail on the factor bug.

This wonderful activity from PhET is perfect for helping to understand the link between multiplication and how long is visualised in arrays; basically, it colours the squares in a rectangle to match them with the multiplication fact.

PhET does it again. In Factor, once you have chosen your level, see how many solutions you can find before the timer runs out! 

Top Tip: click on your answer to select it and then click on it again to confirm it! You don't want to waste time waiting - I already made that mistake!

Flappy Factors is a simple idea - simply find the correct factor but keep on flapping! As you progress, make sure you notice when you need to find the factor of a new number.

Multiplication Miner is a easy-to-play game: simply, use your great knowledge of factors and you will have both fun and success!

Have you ever played Tetris? Factris combines the challenge of Tetris with rapid recall of factors of numbers.

Warning: This is highly addictive especially when you learn that the more rows completed simultaneously, the higher the rewards!

Transum does it again! Flabbergasted, which can be played online with one or two players, requires understanding of factors and multiples, and itis a great way of developing those skills further; however, it comes with a warning!

Warning: as a two player game, this is highly, highly addictive!

Let the fun continue with this amazing game that - if truth be told - I didn't fully understand at first! To learn from my mistake, when you select a number, make sure at least one factor of that number id still available.  Thanks to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for this Factor Game.

Connect 4 Factors has two completely different versions. Thanks, Transum for your special offer. 

Option 1: If you choose to play this as a 1-player game, you should try to avoid lining up 4 numbers with a common factor. If you can do fill the entire grid, you will have completed your task. Mission accomplished!

Option 2: When playing in 2-player mode, you actually want to line up 4 numbers with a common factor. Unlike some other 4-in-a-row games, however, your numbers can be used by your opponent so you need to be extra careful.

Product Grids from mathsbot.com has a very simple idea: place the digits 1-9 in the grid to match the products for each row and colomn: 

Top Tip: start by identifiying the only place that the digit 5 can be located. 

Make sure you have pencil and paper as you cannot add your answers online. 

Understand prime factors? You will need to if you are going to save the world! Blast those meteorites with prime factors and you will be a hero for all time!  Emergency! Emergency! All heroes report to Station Prime!

Kick Sum Maths: Decomposing numbers into prime factors

Drawing arrays

By drawing representations of square numbers, you can gain greater understanding of why they are referred to as square numbers.

I nearly put this challenge in the wrong section but then I realised that the key to solving the puzzles links to the properties of numbers that this section of my super-duper whizzy website has helped you to learn! Hope you enjoy mathplayground.com 's Secret Code.


Why should factors get all the games? Time for some Prime Time! This game from Transum, for two players, is perfect. Let's play Prime Pairs Game! No expensive highly branded energy drinks required!

Math Eggs Prime Numbers is fun to play. Simply catch those prime eggs and leave the rest! You might need to be quickly thinking!

Be aware that primarygames.com might have an ad before this activity (however, it will be a 'safe ad') 

Are you ready for this? To succeed in Prime Labyrinth you must have great knowledge of prime numbers but this will not be enough; you will also need great problem-solving skills to make it to the middle.

Zap! Zap! Zap! Take that you zoid!

Zap-a-Zoid from roomrecess.com is so much fun, and best of all, you can blast primes, odds, evens, multiples and factors! I like to zap the prime numbers most of all. Also, with each level completed, the challenge increases too!

Zap! Zap! Zap! Take that you zoid!

Consecutive Numbers from mathsbot.com is a great way to combine your knowledge of the properties of numbers. 

Top Tip: If there is a cube number, triangular number or square number, this can be a great starting point as it will limit the possibilities. 

It is not possible to input your answers but if you are a good mousematician, you will have a pencil and paper nearby that can be used. 

Prime Product Grids from mathsbot.com. If you have used Product Grids, you will recognise what to do - the only difference is you need to use prime factors rather than the digits 1-9.

Solve It: Who Am I? has great puzzles and features somewhere else on my website as the initial puzzles are perfect for applying place value knowledge; however, you will now face the puzzler and master challenges and will need to use all you know about the properties of numbers.


Kick Sum Maths: Introducing Prime and Composite Numbers

Looking for more ways to practise recalling your knowledge? click on Pick Your Skill. Check out my guide to see which games have options for the skills that you want to practise!