If you are confident reading scales, that skill can be transferred to help you to be able to read and interpret graphs as the axis are simple two different scales! If you are not yet confident, perhaps a little of my help is just what you need and then a little bit of practising! 

Here we go...

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Graphs & Scales

That might seem like a lot of information so let's look at it step-by-step...


Good ol' Transum! Practising is the key to success with Reading Scales to lets practise. It does get trickier as the levels increase. Don't worry about this - consider it to be a good challenge!

Now, let's apply what we know to help read bar graphs in this activity from Mathsframe. Remember to look carefully at the scales, especially as the scale can change! 

Bar Graph Problems from Mathnook is a great activity to practise extracting information but better still, it has some great music to help you have even more fun!

As ever, Transum is there to provide you with another great self-marking activity, this time all about Bar Charts. I really do love this type of task as you can learn from your mistakes so much faster and have another go until you get it correct!

Cartoon Scatter Graph from Transum is a great task to help you make links between the two axes (plural of axis).

Here we go again! Yeah! Thanks, Transum, for more opportunities for Reading Graphs and Charts.

Plotting data on a graph can be tricky especially when there are two lines for different sets of data. This task , Create Double Line Graphs, from Mathnook gives you the chance to plot the information and see how the data is joined step-by-step.

For more great options and activities linked to the skill, follow the link below. Enjoy!

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