Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy 2D Shape

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

polyhedron: a solid 3D (3- dimensional) shape with FLAT faces

face: flat surface of a 3D shape

edge: a side of a polygon or the line where two faces of a 3D shape meet

vertex (singular): a pointy bit on a 3D shape that is good for poking holes in marshmallows OR...

the point where two edges meet on a 2D shape or where edges of a 3D shape meet.

vertices: the plural of vertex 

prism: a 3D shape which has the same shape of face on both ends. If it is cut parallel to the ends, it will be the same the slices on a chocolate log cake. Yummy, yummy cake!

In this cuboid, which is the special name for this rectangular-based prism, I have made the end faces pink (although you cannot see its bottom!)  When it is sliced parallel to the top and bottom, you can see that it has the same shape there -the pink sections are the same shape,

In this cylinder, which is the special name for a circular-based prism, I have once again made the end faces pink (like my nose). When it is also sliced parallel to the top and bottom, once more you can see that the pink sections are the same shape.

This happens for ALL prisms!

pyramid: a 3D shape which has a polygon as a base; the famous pyramids in Egypt had a square base but it could have been any shape. From the base, the faces go towards each other and make a point at the top. As it is a special vertex at the top of a pyramid, it is also called the apex

Activity time

Sorting 3D Shapes on a Venn Diagram

Who doesn't love a Venn diagram, deciding where to locate information or in this case 3D shapes. If you get a bit stuck, you can always review the information about the shape - that will be really useful.

I love puzzles, especially those that involve trying to visualise the answers. Some people find this skill easier than others yet with a little thinking and learning from mistakes, everyone can find it a bit easier after a while! Enjoy the challenge of Coloured Cube 3D.

Cubes are such simple shapes but can be the source of many tricky challenges. To make them easier, I think of the faces as front and back, left and right, and top and bottom. I often label the diagrams with letters (F, Ba, L, R, T, Bo) to help me make links about the nets. Maybe that can help you too!


Maths Mansion: A Very Fine Pet is a Polyhedron

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