Social media is always full of maths questions to confuse people, particularly calculations that have a range of operations. If only those people who try to answer them had the advice of a clever blue mouse, there would be more correct answers.

Welcome to BIDMAS!

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy BIDMAS


I love this - it is so good at showing how to solve BIDMAS problems step-by-step. Thanks, for making it so clear for mousematicians. 

Order of Operations

One of the best features of this activity is that you can choose which operations to include and how many operations in each question - perfect for finding the sweet spot in our learning! I like to really challenge myself although it can sometimes cause my brain to hurt and I need a lie down!

This activity from Mathsframe allows you to focus on the order of operations rather than the calculations needed. I love how it records your method in steps - great idea!

This is a tense and dramatic game when played on one device but when it is shared on a projected screen, the level of drama only heightens. Can you keep your cool under pressure? Your team is banking on it if you are to win this classic game - Flash Card Races!

Choose order of operations for the ultimate experience!

Rather than simply solving calculations using BIDMAS, why not choose to use your understanding to reach numbers that will help you to win another fun two-player game. Enjoy the BIDMAS Game from the amazing Transum!

Take care in Math Boxing Order of Operations as the punching bag hits back!
*For anyone familiar with BIDMAS, you might not be aware that this is not the acronym used globally. in the USA, they use PEDMAS. It is the same mathematically  but parentheses = brackets and exponents = indices.

Maths Pup X-ray is an unusual idea but I like the fact that you need to match the answer to the question rather than just finding the answer. Make sure to scan the mystery card and then drag it onto the question. 

Refer to * above regarding PEDMAS/BIDMAS


Kick Sum Maths: Let's Have Some Order

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