Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy 2D Shape

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

polygon: a flat shape with three or more STRAIGHT sides

Oh...that means that a circle cannot be defined as a polygon! Poor circle - how sad!

regular polygon: a 2D shape that has all angles equal and all sides equal in length.

Confusing quadrilaterals!

One of the easiest ways to identify a quadrilateral is to consider how many pairs of parallel lines it has. In the diagram below, the quadrilaterals have been classified as having two pairs of parallel lines, one pair of parallel lines or no pair of parallel lines.

Activity time

Sorting Shapes: Carroll Diagram

Practise applying your knowledge of the properties of 2D while also using Carroll diagram. With lots of options for the properties, there are lots of variations in this great activity. 

With so many different types of polygon, each with their own unique properties, it can be easy to muddle them up. However, with a little practise and this self-checking activity, you will have no problem avoiding mixing up a rhombus and a trapezium!

If you look at the stars on a cloudless night, I believe that you can see an outline of a mathematical mouse! Until then, try Shapes in the Stars - it is a great activity. 

My two top tips for success:

Sorting Shapes: Venn Diagram

Who doesn't enjoy the magic of a Venn diagram, deciding what each section represents. Endless fun!

Eat marshmallows: always

Share marshmallows with TdM: sometimes

Eat cheese: never - possibly have an allergy!

In this great NRich task, drag the statements to the correct place but think carefully before deciding if it is Always, Sometimes or Never!

Geometry Quiz is not for the feint-hearted. You might need to jot down some workings to help your problem solving. With lots of topics covered, it is a great way to check your knowledge. Thanks,


Maths Mansion: Rectangles Delight

Maths Mansion: Triangle Delight

Maths Mansion: Better Get Back in Shape and be a Square (Classifying Quadrilaterals)

Kick Sum Maths: Introducing Geometry

For even more fun related to geometry, you might want to check out these great Satsy sections!

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