Definitions from a mathematical mouse

co-ordinates: a pair of numbers that indicate an exact position on a grid 

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Co-ordinates

Reading and  plotting co-ordinates

A grid has a horizontal axis, which is called the x-axis and the vertical axis, which is called the y-axis

In a pair of co-ordinates,the order is always the same (x,y) - the x axis co-ordinate followed by the y axis coordinate.

When I was little-er, my maths teacher told me this really useful trick to help me remember the axes (plural of axis)

x is a cross (x is across - it is an actual cross like on a a treasure map - argh!)


wise up (y's up = y is up)

I also know that x is before y so when reading ad plotting coordinates, I use x (across) then y (up/down)

Let's learn how to solve problems involving co-ordinates.

He, he, he! TdM is stuck in a rectangle. Anyway, to solve this problem, we first need to notice that the rectangles are identical. This means that if we work out any dimensions for one of them, we know it for both rectangles. Might seem obvious to some mousematicians but not all we notice this fact!

Once Step 1 is complete, it can be easier to see patterns and make links. Time for Step 2!

If we look at the x co-ordinates only, we will notice that the rectangle is 6 wide. This helps us to find the missing x-value for both A and B. Time for Step 3.

From the y-cordinates, I have noticed that the height of the two rectangles = 6 so I now know, becuase the rectangles are identical, that the height of one rectangle = 3. Add it to the diagram, use this info and now I can complete the co-ordinates of A and B!

Activity time

Co-ordinate Alien Attack

Take that you naughty alien! Boom!

This is a great way to refine your skills plotting coordinates but blowing up the aliens it the best part!

I used to love doing dot-to-dot pictures when I was a little mousling. Now I enjoy completing co-ordinate to co-ordinate, which is quite similar and equally as much fun!

This is a great activity from Transum - one of my favourite websites. If you understand plotting and reading co-ordinates, level 5 and 6 are great for developing your problem solving skills.

Minus Mania from is a great game for practising reading co-ordinates in all four quadrants (Level 2 if I remember correctly). Use the tutorial to understand the game fully before playing. 

Co-ordinates - reasoning about position and shape

Feeling confident about plotting and reading co-ordinates? Know the properties of 2D shape? This great activity will make you feel clever when you combine your skills to find the missing co-ordinates!

This is a great puzzle as you have to use the clues given to find the wallaby hiding in the grid. After your first random guess, you are told how far away you are. 


Maths Mansion: The X and Y Files

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