What have the Romans ever done for us? 

Lots! Rocky II, Wrestlemania XVII, Superbowl LI and giant clock faces with XII.

Of course, if we don't understand Roman numerals, this can be confusing! Don't worry, I am an expert!

Brie-Anna de Mouse, Star of Maths with a Mouse

Before we begin, we should learn the value of each letter that is used in Roman numerals...or have a song!

There are a few rules we need to understand!


Although a demo version, this is a great initial tasks trying to loop the class together using knowledge of the numbers I to XII. Thanks primarygames.co.uk

This demo version of Roman Numerals is a great starting point for practising use of Roman numerals. Be aware, however, that this free demo version only goes up to XXX. 

Transum's back with another quiz that marks itself. Make a mistake? No problem. Have another go! With 12 levels, it can become rather challenging!, which is why I love it!