Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Ratio & Proportion

Many people think ratio and proportion are tricky but...

If you use lists, it is easier, and...

If you understand fractions, it is even easier!

When I was a little mousling, I wasn't the best at sharing. One marshmallow for you, three marshmallows for me; one marshmallow for you, three marshmallows for me!

Now I am older, I don't make the same mistake! I eat ALL the marshmallows!

TdM Brie-Anna de Mouse, creator and star of Maths with a Mouse

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

ratio: a comparison of parts of a whole

Examples help to understand what this means. 

e.g. There are 2 white marshmallows for every 3 pink marshmallows     

2 : 3

e.g. There are 5 stinky potatoes for every 2 non-stinky potatoes

5 : 2

Ration: the word I have typed too many times when I had wanted to type the word ratio!

Proportion: this is pretty much the same as a fraction - it is a part of the whole

e.g. 2 marshmallows are white out of every 5 marshmallows = 2/5

e.g. 5 are stinky potatoes out of every 7  potatoes = 5/7

Still a bit confused or simply want to be entertained? Watch Bad Dates - a fun animation from Maths Snacks, which demonstrates ratio both brilliantly and also badly (in terms of the dates)!

Ever been in a car driving at 30 mph or 50 kmph? That is a ratio! Have a look at this silly cat puppet Ratey The Math Cat to learn more! Imagine trying to use an animal puppet to help teach maths!

Level 1 complete!

 Let's try Level 2...

Sometimes other information is important; sometimes we need to consider the difference.

Level 3 - press play...


If only Transum had an activity that links fractions and ratio, you would be able to develop your understanding of the links further. Oh wait...they do! Welcome to Ratios vs Fractions.

This might seem a challenging task, and although many of the questions can be solved using guessing and checking, I think the best method involves using links to ratio and fractions. Enjoy Algebra in Action.

Finding the perfect task online relating to ratio can be tricky; however, Museum Mishap from is (in my opinion) perfect. With lots of varied questions and levels of challenges, you are sure to find the marshmallow spot (the sweet spot if you don't understand what I mean)!

EXTRA INFO: For any mathematician/mousematician familiar with the concept of bar-modelling, this might be easier to understand at first!

It took me quite a while to fully appreciate Ratio Rumble - a great game! Once I realised that I needed to find the most bottles I could using the ratio, just as you can see in the image above, I enjoyed a whole lot more!

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