⚠️ WARNING! Do not say ‘add a zero’ or ‘take away the zero’ etc


17 x 10 = 170 BUT 1.7 x 10 = 17 Adding a zero does not always work so can cause confusion later! 

Topmarks Times or Divide Bingo 

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of bingo? Choose your numbers, cross your fingers and hope your answers appear! 

Topmarks Moving Digit Cards

This is a great resource to help visualise how the digits change places and that they all move together. It can be used with or without decimals, which makes it really useful! 


Maths Mansion: Not the Great Big Hen

Maths Mansion: Not the Great Big Hen...Again!

Not found what you were looking for? Want to use your place value knowledge to order numbers? Of course you do so click the link below.

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