My brother, TdM (the stinky potato), wanted this website to be for pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 only (Key Stage 2); I think that my version of the website is much, much, much, much better! That's why I am going to expand it so as many people as possible can enjoy it and become great mousematicians.

In addition to Top Tools for Teachers, I have attempted to make it easier for Year 2 Teachers to find just what they need and that is why I have created a special section just for you! Sadly, I can't help you find a glue stick or a pen that works but I can offer great mathematical advice and guidance.  

I don’t YET have content and ideas for every National Curriculum objective but have linked lots of objectives to my many great pages. Hope this saves you lots of time!

Brie-Anna de Mouse, mousematician extraordinaire