Equivalent fingers

If I put up the same number of fingers on each hand, it will be out of 10; take one hand away and I have simplified this to being out of 5.

e.g. 4 fingers on each hand = 8 out of ten

Remove one hand and you now have only 4 fingers out of 5

8/10 = 4/5

Sadly, I cannot use this method for fifths and tenths as I don’t have 10 fingers - only 8!

Matching activity 

Transum fraction decimal pairs  

Transum is one of my favourite websites and, using this link, you will find lots of superb fun matching games to help develop knowledge of the  facts. Of course, you could make your own set rather than playing virtually. 

Maths frame matching activities  

Great range of levels and it can be matched to the skills needing to be learned. I particularly like how it has diagrams of the fractions to help understand.

Nrich Matching fractions,  decimals & percentages 

Play online or enjoy a paper-based version. This link has great ideas about how to vary the game. 

Top Marks Fraction Bingo 

Choose your fractions, cross your fingers and hope your equivalences appear! 

Dominoes activity 

Nrich Doughnut percents

This can be played in a variety of ways. Feel free to make your own version too! 

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