I am a great dancer - I have all the best moves, but they are all just variations of mathematical transformations.

Let me explain:

Brie-Anna de Mouse, the star of Maths with a Mouse

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Transformations

In the diagrams above, Three-Anna has been rotated about the origin (0,0). Obviously, you will need to know how much to rotate and in which direction. If you need to practise this skill, Deadly Doors (below) is the perfect task for you! If you play netball, you will understand how to rotate better than most people, if you have good footwork!

In the diagrams below, Three-Anna has been reflected in different ways. 

Left diagram : using the x-axis (remember: x is a cross/x is across)

Middle diagram : using the y-axis (remember: wise up/y's up)

Right diagram: on a diagonal 45 degree line through the origin.
For this final reflection, my top tip is simple: rotate the diagrams until it looks like the line of reflection is horizontal or vertical - whichever you find easiest!


Being able to reflect single points is the key to being able to reflect entire shapes so Symmetry Counters from teacherled.com is a great task to get the ball rolling - or should I say - reflecting.

Counters mastered? Now it's time for Symmetry Shapes. 

Symmetry Invaders (from teacherled.com) - you know what to do!

Warning: the grid in the background does not match the shapes being reflected and can be somewhat confusing. You have been warned!

Quick, we need water? Why? I don't know! It's just Pipe Mania (from cbc.ca)

Never mind! Rotate those pipes and get the water flowing. Don't forget to turn on the supply using the green button otherwise your efforts will be wasted! 

Time to combine rotations and reflections. In mathplayground.com's Logic Block Turns, drag the buttons underneath the arrows onto the arrow to transform them. Thanksfully, this game is progressive in terms of challenge so you can learn to understand the process in the easier levels.

Rather than creating the transformation, can you identify Which Transformation has been used? Good news is that if you are incorrect, Transum will always let you have another go! 

Be aware that some levels might address skills that you have not yet learned. Don't worry about this!

Reflect and Rotate from mathplayground.com might take the level of challenge up a notch, particularly if you select random puzzle. I made this error when I first played and made my mathematical brain hurt due to the extremely tricky puzzle I faced. It was a great reminder that it is important that you warm up before you attempt any strenuous exercise! 

No Satsy revision section would be complete without several gems from Transum.org and this task is perfect for practising those transformation skills, especially with so many different levels to attempt.

Imagine a game which involved rotating a Red Block in a range of directions. Now add in a few challenges and you already understand Red Block Returns. Best of all, as you can see below, it is part of a great trilogy!

Rotate Puzzle from plays.org is only here because it is a lot of fun! Good enough reason to be included. Enjoy!


Mannel's Transformation Song

I love a good song. The only thing better is a good song about maths. Although this was aimed at pupils facing GCSE maths, it seems pretty well suited to those facing Satsy McSatsface too!

Maths Mansion: Turning Points(recognising rotations)

Maths Mansion: On Reflection (recognising reflections)