Terrific Tables - check!

Calculation methods for multiplication - check!

Calculation methods for division - check!

Games linked to factors and multiples on Game Time! - check!

Ready to tackle any problem involving multiplication and division - check!

TdM, creator and former star of Maths with a Mouse

Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Multiplication and Division

Activity time

In addition to the great activities further down this page, you will find lots of other fun activities relating to multiplication and division by following these super-duper yellow buttons!

Fizz Buzz was one of my favourite games to play in maths lessons when I was at school. We didn't call it that though; we called it Fizz Squeak! This online version from Transum can be quite intense, especially when a mistake is made and the buzzer sounds!

It seems simple - drag the cards so that they create a multiplication fact. The reality is a little different as you need to consider all the possible options so that the answer can be found, and that is why Expedite from Transum is a great activity.

Divisive is rather similar to Expedite; however this time, it involves division calculations. 

If Then What? is perfect for practising adjusting calcuations using your understanding of place value. Satsy McSatsface question writers love this type of question!

Oh no...we've run out of activities. Don't worry, there are plenty of other places to find great games and challenges. Hit the button below for more fun!