Warning: To have greatest success with formal multiplication, knowledge of Terrific Tables is really important. If you feel your recall could be better, there are lots of ideas on my website for you to use. I have added buttons below to help you find them more quickly.

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

multiplicationthe process of adding a number/amount to itself a number of times.

Initially, one of the strategies we learn to understand multiplication is repeated addition - make sure you understand this before trying formal methods.

My Youtube videos below demonstrate how to understand formal methods for division. Hope you enjoy them and watch them as many times as you need until you become really confident that you fully understand them!

Of course, you as a great mathematician already know that sometimes using mental methods can be the best strategy and sometimes using formal methods is the best method. Don't always use the same approach - use the best approach!

TdM, creator and star of Maths with a Mouse

Multiplying whole numbers by ones

Multiplication by a multiple of ten

Long multiplication