Dear Brie-Anna,

We would like to raise a concern that multiplication and division are getting too much attention on your website and we feel that it is not fair! We are just as important! If it wasn't for us, they wouldn't even exist! They are basically just repeated addition and repeated subtraction. Please, to address this outrageous inequality, provide us with a greater platform so that we can be used more widely.

Mathy facts,

Addi and Subtrac Tion

I always knew that they were related! It seems, however, that addition and subtraction are little annoyed by the attention that multiplication and division have been getting recently and they want to have a more prominant section on Maths with a Mouse so....drumroll please...Welcome to Mental Addition and Subtraction

Brie-Anna de Mouse, Star of Maths with a Mouse


The games and challenges below range in level of difficulty. I think there is something for every one, even stinky potatoes!

Math Limbo from Tang Math  is a bit like Shut the Box (if you know that great game)! If that makes no sense to you, play this and click on learn first to understand what needs to be done.

Why are matching tasks so much fun? I love them and you will too! In Robot Addition from Topmarks, there is extra help should you need it by providing you with a useful number line. 

Mission Addition from uses mental addition to blast meteors! Sounds like fun...and guess sure is!

60 seconds available. Let's Count Fingers!

Add It Up. This really shouldn't need any explanation from me! 

Simple task: Pick the Lock by adding the 4 digits on the padlock to find the combination. Don't worry if are not as fast as you want to be at first. You can always have another go and try to set a new personal best!

Time to save some money! By trading for larger bridge pieces, you can keep down the cost, which is the aim of the game. Simply tap on the pieces you want to trade, hit the trade button and watch the cost go down! Feels good to save money in Bridge Builder.

Find the total of the four numbers, drag the answer to cover the grid and discover what lies beneath! For some reason (or should that be 'sum' reason), dragging the answers is surprisingly enjoyable! Thanks for such a simple but pleasant task!

If you aren't a fan of being under time pressure, do not (and I really do mean it) play Feed Math. The sushi on the conveyor belt often disappears quite quickly with the numbers you want and the customer doesn't get his food. I think this makes him hangry and then it's GAME OVER!

Adding using a hundred square is a great idea. It's an even better idea when adding or subtracting 9, 10 or 11. I was brave and tried random in 100 Hunt from! I'm glad I did - it was a lot of fun!

With a range of levels and challenges, hopefully you will find the marshmallow spot so that you can enjoy playing Math Plus Puzzle

Inside my brain, I wouldn't expect it to be as orderly as it is in Brainie from If playing this game, try to get colour matches as they are worth more points!

If you don't like timers putting you under pressure, do not play Sum of N! If this does not bother you, have fun. Be aware, however, that the numbers do not need to be next to each other for your answers - this makes it a lot easier!

Connect 10 is highly addictive (as many of the activities chosen for my super-duper whizzy website often are). Once have been warned!

Numskill is a great puzzle game, especially when you increase the number of sets that needs to be found. Make sure you understand the rules before, playing if you want to have success. If you don't want success, you must be a stinky potato.

For anyone familiar with this type of puzzle or those who have played Equatero, Mathster Mind has a similar structure but as it only involves addition, this is a great puzzle for this section on the whizzy website. If it becomes too easy, and you want a greater challenge, pop over to Game Time! and face Transum's Equatero.

Math Sum is a simple idea but seems to involve a great deal of thinking especially as the levels increase. Feels good, however, when you manage to clear a level and have used all the numbers. Not sure what I mean? Find out for yourself by playing now!

In many ways, Bird Line Math is similar to Feed Math (both from  but this time it is cute little birds that disappear rather than sushi! Once again, it can be rather stressful. Come back here little bird: I need that number! Grrrr!

Sorting is as great as matching in my opinion and therefore I really enjoy Sorting Calculations from Topmarks. This is a great activity for any developing mathematician as it does not allow you to post the letters in the wrong box. That's very helpful!

At first glance, TextMaths looks too easy but, for some reason, reading the answers in words adds a new level of challenge that I was not expecting. 

I mustn't forget to include the subtraction version!

If you have played Tables Tennis, you will recognise how Tug of War from can be played by two people on one tablet. I don't really need to say much more; however, if you have not played Tables Tennis, you need to play it now (or at least after you play these games)!

Maths + Shooting Gallery = fun!

To find the wrong answers, you need to know all the answers. Good luck finding all the incorrect answers in Find Errors Math from Can you be a star just like me?

Warning: this can be stressful! Lets reach 1000 does exactly what the title suggest. you need to reach 1000 using addition by selecting the correct. unfortunately, the timer is not on your side! Don't worry though as you can always try to set a personal best and then smash it!

If you have play Let's Reach 1000, you should easily understand Let's Reach Zero.
Top Tip: consider the ones!

The idea behind MATHS true or false is simple but it can be a little intense especially when you can see time running out! It is also quite likely that you will hit the wrong button even though you know what you want to do!

The great thing about grids of numbers is that are so many routes that are possible when travelling through them. Of course, that makes the level challenge great when tackling Number Maze Time to plan your route so can reach the target square with zero!

Welcome to the Transum section - a wealth of great ideas the many puzzles they have created involving addition and subtraction. Each level of Plus raises the level of challenge. Good luck!

All the best detectives know how to use the clues to discover the truth. In these puzzles from mathplayground,com, can you locate the Undercover Sums and prove to the world that you too are a great detective? has created another fun puzzle - welcome to Power Lines. Can you make all the lines add up to the power line total. Whatever you do, don't give up. You can do it!

Please note that this is a free taster version of the full game.

All Aboard this great puzzle from What I love most about this is that you can solve the challenges using a vast array of problem-solving strategies, ranging from guessing and checking to working backwards; you might even want to use algebraic reasoning.

Transum love a puzzle and Ludicross is easy to understand and a great way to practise addition skills. It is, however, as a puzzle should be, a little tricky!

I don't really need to explain Sum Shapes from as it is similar to many of the other challenges you might have tried. Instead, here are three great features:

Fifteen is a great game to play although you can only play against the   computer. The addition is simple but the strategy can become infuriating, especially if your opponent has a plan! Thanks, Transum.

If you enjoyed Fifteen, you will definitely want to play Deep Sea Duel from Strangely, depending on the settings, this can be easier or a lot, lot harder!  This is best in 2-player mode but if you do have to take on the computer, try different settings to find the best competition.

Back to Transum! 23 or Bust is a great game involving basic arithmetical ability and careful strategic thinking. When you realise that you are inevitably going to lose, it is infuriating; when you can be certain of victory, it is a sweet moment!

Magic Squares from Transum are great with every row, column and diagonal adding up to the same total. I love maths and I love magic! Great combo!

It's a kind of magic! I love magic squares but this is not a magic square; this is a Perfect Magic Square ( guessed it...Transum). Not sure how it is different? Read the instructions and you soon will! 

I'm confused. As much as I love a magic squares, I think I also love an Unmagic Square, with every row, column and diagonal NOT adding up to the same total. Seems it should be easy but it is trickier than you would expect! Thanks, once again, Transum.

Transum has created another great puzzle with many, many challenges all relating to Plane Numbers. Up, up and away!

Arithmagons - arithmetic and diagrams! Best of all, you can select from a wide array of levels and if you click on the more tab, you will even be able to set the exact challenge you want. Transum has really thought of everything!

Missing digit calculations - the domain of the true master of formal methods. In Nine Digits, you need to use your expertise to find the easiest solutions to these puzzles, which have been kindly created by Transum.

Suko and Sujiko are great puzzles once you understand what is expected - read the instructions! Transum kindly offer clues should it seem a little too challenging.

You must be feeling confident to have scrolled this far down the page so must be looking for a real challenge. Sum Square is waiting for you. I hope you understand Venn diagrams because this puzzle uses that idea!, this is great - I love combining different maths skills and knowledge.