If you are in Year 4, you will probably know all about the Multiplication Tables Check. On this page, there are some links to my favourite times tables games. Obviously, you will have seen all my great Terrific Tables ideas and tunes, practised your recall on the amazing and addictive TT Rockstars (if you have log-in details), but maybe want to practise with a few new ideas. You are in the right place!


TdM, creator and original star of Maths with a Mouse

Tables Tennis is a great 2-player game played on on tablet. Turn on the fast return and force your opponent to have less time. Challenge an adult and have fun beating them time and time again! 

Warning: Is likely to become very competitive!

Enjoy blowing things up? Want to make things go boom? You will certainly enjoy Missiles and Multiples from roomrecess.com 

Why do so many dangers threaten mice? Please help Math Mouse to stay safe. Wrong answers are also a danger! Simply tap on the screen to switch from above to below the pipe - what a clever mouse! Make sure you select the tables you want before you play.

If you know the multiples in order, you can play Convoluted - another great game from Transum. All you have to do is find four multiples in a row. Seems simple at first but it gets trickier and then you can try to be even faster!  I am the fastest of all the yellow mice!

WARNING: This game can be quite stressful. There is a lot to think about and those meteor just keep,coming! If you can handle the pressure like me, you too will enjoy Meteor Multiplication.

In Multiplication Miner, a fun game, you need to work backwards as you will need to find the factors of a given product.

Multiplication Tile Crash needs you find the blocks that multiply together to reach the target number? It's a race again time to set a new personal best! Let;s make those tiles crash!

Block Buster from roonrecess.com is not the same as the classic quiz show Blockbusters. It is, however, just as much fun!

Missing Multipliers

This is a great puzzle based on the familiar concept of a multiplication grid. Try to work out the missing values with as few clues as possible!

Do Undo Multiplication

Multiplication grids are a great way to practise and I find them surprisingly pleasing to complete. However, working backwards can be even more fun, especially when the level of challenge increases. 

Before the Multiplication Blocks fall to the floor, can you find a pair of factors? It can become a bit tricky when you can't find the pair next to each other quickly but that' s all part of the fun!

Enjoy puzzles? Enjoy pictures of amazing creatures?

Enjoy Puzzle Pics Multiplication!

I don't need to explain Fast Factors from Transum - you can work it out pretty quickly all on your own!

Why is dragging numbers onto a grid so satisfying? Not sure what I mean then have a go at this task from mathcurious.com

Time for another great game that combines recall of multiplication facts and strategy. Each competitor can move one slider each time to reach a different product. If you enjoy The Multiplication Game, you will also enjoy Number Hive which is available in Game Time! 

Still want more choice? Click on the big button below as Pick Your Skill has many more great games which allow you to practise these important multiplication and division facts.