Is it a game? Is it a puzzle? Who knows! As long as it is fun, that's all I care about! 

Brie-Anna de Mouse, Star of Maths with a Mouse

I’ve  said it before, and I’ll say it again: don’t play with matches! Don’t worry, however, as Burn Matches only uses online images.

If you enjoy this type of puzzle, have fun with the additional challenges in the link below – over 600, in fact! 

When I first discovered twelve, I did not really understand it then I remembered that I hadn't read the instructions! Don’t make the same mistake as me! 

Be warned: this becomes highly addictive, and before you know it, you’ve swiped a lot of numbers!

Kitty Gram from is not normally the type of puzzle I enjoy as it has cats! I will include this, however as it involves putting the cats in a prison. Not everyone agrees that it is a prison but I think it there!

Gridentity is addictive. I apologise in advance if you causes you the same level of addiction.!

Further details coming soon...ish!

As addictive as twelve, Merge Dice (also from is great fun to play but can be infuriating when you start running out of space and have to put new dice in a place you really don't want to. Of course, the more you play, the more you realise how to position the new dice until it all goes wrong again! 

Push it - push it real good! 

Math Push (also from is an unusual puzzle but once understood, it can be a lot of fun pushing the operations and numbers around. FYI, I also really enjoy pushing my brother, TdM, around too! It really annoys him!

Welcome to Quento! This is another great puzzle game which increases in challenge. This free demo version takes you through each stage to help understand what you need to do. Good luck! 

Based on the television quiz show Countdown, it’s time to play the numbers round! Thankfully, with this version, we can simplify the questions… if you want to!

Alternatively, the following two activities use similar skills. In Monster Mischief, you can even limit the operations that can be used.

I also love Make a Number from which has fewer cards than Countdown; however, to reach the target number, you will need to use all the digits. 

Useful tip: dividing and multiplying by one can help use up any unused ones.

When I showed Brain Academy to Nana de Mouse, she said that it looked really similar to a game she played on her Nintendo DS so had to look it up! Apparently, the DS existed in 2004! Wow - that's a long time ago! 

Liquid Sort is a puzzle game that can be summed up in just one word: satisfying!

I am terrible at this type of puzzle - you can see that by the number of moves I used in the images above and still one of the numbers was in the wrong place. Worse still, this was the easiest level. I think I need to practise Reorder quite a bit more!

If Blue Box is too easy, try Square (click above)

If Square is too tricky, try Blue Box (click below)

Join the numbers  so that they are in order from 1 to 25. Sounds simple? Be warned, it can be infuriating when you seem to be having success then can't find a place for the next number. When that happens, it's problem-solving time! Thanks for this great task!

This puzzle has been called many things and this version is simply called Parking Block. I never have this problem with parking as I can't drive; I can't reach the pedals or the controls!

I'm glad that the drinks machines in restaurants and fast food places are not using the designs in Happy Filled Cup! That would be a nightmare! If you enjoy the original version, you will be excited to know that it is part of an epic trilogy!

It is very important when you take a pin out that you know what will happen! If you have not worked it out, you might have a nasty surprise. Take care when playing Swipe the Pin from - it's not a game!

Impossible 10: easy to play; challenging to solve! Thanks for another great mathematical puzzle.

Tricky Shapes from (what a great website) is a fantastic puzzle which can be enoyed by mousematicians of all ages. 

For any mathematician this is a classic puzzle! This version of the Tangram puzzle from Mathigon is one of my favourite online versions.

Here's another fun version of based on the tangram puzzle. Like all good puzzles that we can find online, Tangram Grid increases in difficulty. You have been warned!

If I tried to explain Triad to you here, I would find it really  tricky without using diagrams. When you first play, look at the examples - all will become clear. I love this puzzle and, better still, it changes several times every day to give you new challenges.

Obviously, I am a clever mouse - I can even type on a laptop, but now it's time to meet a Clever Frog who loves jumping. Unfortunately, this frog is not clever enough to turn around so needs your help to get to every lilypad!

Warning: highly, highly addictive!

I can't really explain this other than to say, you need to turn on the Lighty Bulb, and it is not always obvious to see what you need to do! Hope you have your perseverance at the ready!

I love number sequences and love them even nore when they are in the form of a puzzle/game! Enjoy Number Sequence from mathplayground.

Not only is Color String (Colour String if it were a UK-named game) from a great puzzle, it has some fabulous music too. Don't forget to turn your screen orientation to portrait. (DON'T DO THIS IF YOU ARE WORKING ON A PC!)

Further details coming soon...ish!

Proof is often very, very challenging but once the concept is understood, it is a wonderful puzzle! It is perfect for any mousematician who has great determination and a growth mindset attitude!