Brie-Anna's Guide to Satsy Angles

Definitions from a mathematical mouse

angle: the amount of turning between two straight lines at the point where they meet.

angel: messenger of God

Activity time

How accurate is your ability to estimate angles? Test it out with Alien Angles.

Details coming soon...ish

I used to find using a protractor really tricky but when I found Rocket Angles, I soon got the hang of it and you will too!

Details to follow to soon...ish

Need a little more opportunity to practise   finding missing angles? Missing Angles is the perfect activity for you. With lots of different levels of challenge and a calculator to help with the calculations, you will be able to apply your knowledge like a boss! 

This online activity, Basic Angles, provides great opportunity to investigate angles in many different situations and could even be used to create your own questions and problems to solve.

Every other task too easy for you? Do you know about parallel lines and quadrilaterals also? OK....but be warned, you will need every single piece of knowledge and great problem skills in Angle Chase especially if you attempt Chase 4! 


Maths Mansion: Angleman

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